3.8.2 Patch Notes 22시간전
Last week we posted an article with a list of issues we've been working on. This week we're planning to release the 3.8.2 patch which includes fixes for some of the issues mentioned in that article, as well as a number of various improvements. To give you an idea of what to expect from this update, we'd like to share a preview of its patch notes today. Read More.
Miracle Golem 2일전
Our latest Miracle-themed cosmetic is the Miracle Golem, covered in triangle shaped golden plates that light up in patterned sequence. The Golem’s element is displayed above it, held by arcane symbols whose colour corresponds to the element of the golem. That same colour is displayed across the golem including on a plate in the middle of each of its feet. To see exactly how each golem looks with the Miracle Golem microtransaction check out our preview video, or visit the store here. Read More.
Blight Statistics: Challenges and Ascendancy Classes 2일전
As a follow up to our recent Blight statistics overview (Part One and Part Two), today we'll have a look at the percentage of completed challenges and Ascendancy classes broken down for PC and consoles. Interested? Find out more in this news post! Read More.
Weapon and Shields Sale and the Divine Arcane Wings 2019년 10월 18일
We've just released the Divine Arcane Wings and have started a sale for a variety of weapon skins, shields and weapon effects! Watch the video of the Divine Arcane Wings or click here to get yours. Check out the full list of weekend specials here. Read More.
Celestial Steam-Powered Portal 2019년 10월 17일
The Celestial Steam-Powered Portal microtransaction is a machine that shakes and vibrates as it holds open an oval tear into a celestial realm. Don’t worry about silly things like if this portal might loose horrors from beyond upon this mortal plane, instead focus on how cool it looks as seen in our preview video. Or that you can get it from our store, here. Read More.
Hideout Showcase 2019년 10월 17일
It's been a while since we've shown off hideouts created by our community. We've always been amazed by the time and dedication our players spend on decorating hideouts for their Exiles! To give you some inspiration, we've selected several standout hideouts recently submitted in the Hideout Showcase forum section. Check out this video or find out more in this news post. Read More.
Sunprism Weapon 2019년 10월 16일
The Sunprism Weapon skin works on any equipped Sword, Axe, Mace or Staff. One-handed sword, axe and mace base weapons are changed to a one-handed Sunprism Sword. The two-handed weapon bases for sword, axe, staff and mace all have a Sunprism variant. The weapon skin itself has soft golden coloured wings integrated with the design of each variant of the weapon which you can see in our preview video. The Sunprism Weapon can be found for purchase here. Read More.
What We're Working On 2019년 10월 16일
We're almost at the middle of the Blight League! The majority of the issues reported by our community were resolved and most of our developers are now working hard on the 3.9.0 and 4.0.0 expansions. However, we're still continuing to monitor your feedback and develop patches with fixes and improvements. Today we'd like to give you a small update about the fixes we've been working on recently. Read More.
Indomitable Hideout 2019년 10월 15일
The Indomitable Hideout is based on the Dominus Arena atop the Sceptre of God from the climax of Act III. Surrounded by a swirling storm, a portion of the arena has been converted to hideout doodads as shown in our preview video. If you want to prove that you tower above all other Exiles, you can buy the Indomitable Hideout here. Read More.
Path of Exile Fan Art Competition Highlights 2019년 10월 15일
It's been two weeks since the start of our Fan Art competition, so we're continuing to showcase some of the entries submitted so far. As a reminder, you have two weeks left to send your submission in order to have a chance to win some of our great prizes! Read More.
Stygian Flame Dash 2019년 10월 14일
We’ve just released the Stygian Flame Dash microtransaction in our store. This skill effect replaces the colours of the usual flame dash animation and burning ground with our Stygian blue on black colour palette, and adds an apparition that can only be seen and moves with you during the dash. If you want to check out how this works in practice, you should check out our preview video. If you like what you see, Stygian Flame Dash can also be found in our store here. Read More.
Blight Statistics: More Information about the Oil Use 2019년 10월 14일
Last week we talked about the Blight Oils and their use for Notables and Ring Enchantments. Today we have more Blight-specific statistics to look at, including Oil use on Blighted Maps. Find out more in this news post. Read More.
Stygian Phoenix Wings 2019년 10월 11일
We’ve just released the Stygian Phoenix Wings in our store. This microtransaction has a feather pattern in a bright blue colour that extends from the base of the item to the upper section of the wings and exudes a blue smoke that keeps the wings in a constant state of motion. To see them in action, check out our preview video. Then if it catches your fancy, you can also head over to our store to buy your own set here. Read More.
What to Expect From the 3.9.0 Expansion 2019년 10월 11일
During the livestreamed keynote announcement presentation at ExileCon on the morning of November 16th, we'll unveil December's 3.9.0 expansion. While it's too early to reveal the full details of this release, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming expansion. Read More.
ExileCon Livestream Details 2019년 10월 10일
On the morning of Saturday November 16th (New Zealand time), we're kicking off our ExileCon convention with a livestreamed keynote presentation that will announce several large expansions such as 3.9.0 (December 2019) and 4.0.0 (approximately December 2020). This livestream will be a must-watch event for Path of Exile fans. We'll update this news post with additional information as it becomes available. Read More.
Arcane Infernal Axe 2019년 10월 09일
The Arcane Infernal Axe is now available in our store for purchase. This microtransaction works on any two handed axe, giving you a black axe with bright blue carvings and highlights. You can check out our preview video, or purchase it here. Read More.
Path of Exile Fan Art Competition Highlights 2019년 10월 09일
Last week we started a competition that is open to Path of Exile themed artwork, and have already seen several excellent submissions. As usual, we'll be showcasing the highlights of every week of the competition until its end. We're starting today by showing off some of the submissions we've received over the first competition week. Read More.
Towering Hideout 2019년 10월 08일
We've just released the Towering Hideout microtransaction. The Towering Hideout is based on the Pillars of Arun unique map and features a single pillar with sprawling desert ruins below. You can watch our preview here, or purchase it yourself here. Read More.
Microtransactions Concept Art 2019년 10월 08일
Since the launch of the Blight expansion we've introduced three new microtransaction themes to the store: Miracle, Havenwood and Void Emperor. Each of these themes were created by different artists, and today we'd like to share their work on these cosmetic effects by showcasing several pieces of concept art. Read More.
Arcane Raise Spectre Effect 2019년 10월 07일
The Arcane Raise Spectre Effect is now available for purchase. This effect comes with a new summoning animation that shows you shackling the victim to your will. The spectres themselves are a black colour with shifting blue highlights. To see it for yourself you can check out our preview video, or purchase it here. Read More.
Blight Statistics: Notable Anointments and Ring Enchantments 2019년 10월 07일
It's been four weeks since the Blight League launched and today we want to take a look at how / which Blight Oils are being used. What are the most popular Notables and Ring Enchantments? Let's take a look at statistics from the past week. Read More.
Super Stash Sale 2019년 10월 04일
We're holding a sale on every type of Stash Tab, including the new Delve Tab (PC only)! Click here to check out the discounts. Have a great weekend! Read More.
Making Cassia 2019년 10월 03일
In Path of Exile: Blight we introduced a new NPC, Sister Cassia, whose hummings and divine power have quickly found their admirers among our community. Our narrative designer Nick has written an article about the process behind creating Cassia, which we'd like to share with you today. We hope you enjoy reading it! Read More.
Path of Exile Fan Art Competition 2019년 10월 02일
Our players have always been surprising us with their artistic skills, and after receiving a lot of great artwork inspired by the recent Path of Exile content, we decided it's time for another fan art competition! As always, we've prepared a prize pool that includes microtransactions, T-shirts, art books and more! The top three winners will receive a custom forum avatar made from their art. Find out more in this news post. Read More.
The Void Emperor Armour Set 2019년 10월 01일
We've just released the Void Emperor Armour Set. Made of black metal and a cosmic fabric, this armour set turns your character into a mysterious alien entity. Check it out by watching this video or click here to get yours. Read More.
3.8.1d Patch Notes 2019년 10월 01일
We're now in the fourth week of the Blight League! To keep you in the loop of what the team has been working on recently, we wanted to share a preview of the upcoming 3.8.1d update. Alongside a number of improvements and fixes to Blight and performance, this patch introduces a new Item Filter parameter that allows you to filter for exact matches. Find out more in this news post. Read More.
Frontier Microtransactions are Now Available in Store 2019년 9월 30일
Microtransactions from the Frontier Mystery Box are now available for purchase on PC and consoles. It's also still possible to combine some of the individual Wild and Wrangler pieces into the corresponding alternate colour version of these designs. Watch the Frontier Mystery Box trailer to see everything that's available or check them out in the store here. Read More.
New Microtransactions, Wings and Back Attachments Multisale and a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points 2019년 9월 27일
We're concluding this week by introducing the new Havenwood Armour Set and the accompanying Havenwood Cloak. This weekend we're also running a big sale for most of the Wings and Back Attachment microtransactions. In addition, we're offering one free Carnival Mystery Box when you spend points! Find out more in this news post. Read More.
An Update to the Delve Stash Tab 2019년 9월 27일
A couple of weeks ago we introduced the Delve Stash Tab that allows you to store all Fossils and Resonators at one place in your stash. We've received a lot of requests from the community asking for a crafting slot in this Tab. Based on your feedback, we're adding two crafting slots in the upcoming 3.8.1d update which is scheduled for next week. Read More.
Havenwood Character Effect 2019년 9월 26일
We've just released the Havenwood Character Effect. This effect is a mass of autumn twigs and leaves that periodically swirl around you. To see how it looks ingame take a look at our preview video. It is also available to purchase from our store here. Read More.