The Arcane Horns Helmet Attachment 9시간전
The Arcane Horns Helmet Attachment introduces another option for customising the looks of your Exiles, allowing you to place a pair of glowing blue horns on their heads. The Arcane Horns look great with other Arcane or blue cosmetic effects. Check out the Arcane Horns by watching this video or get yours here. Read More.
Harvest Statistics: Ascendancy Classes 13시간전
It's that time again! Today we'll be breaking down which Ascendancy classes players have been gravitating towards in the Harvest leagues on all platforms. Read More.
The Night Lotus Scourge Arrow Effect 1일전
Embrace the deadly beauty of nature with the Night Lotus Scourge Arrow Effect! This cosmetic replaces the standard visuals of Scourge Arrow Skill Gem with purple lotus flowers. Watch this video or click here to check out this microtransaction in the store. Read More.
Patch Notes 3.11.1f Preview 1일전
In the next couple of weeks we're planning to deploy the 3.11.1f update with several bug fixes. Check out a preview of its patch notes in this news post. Read More.
The Celestial Arc Effect 2일전
What could be more satisfying than electrocuting packs of monsters with cosmic-powered lightning? Check out the new Celestial Arc Effect that introduces new visuals for a popular Skill Gem. Watch this video or click here to get yours! Read More.
Share Your Path of Exile Memories With Us! 2일전
September 1st marks the 10-year anniversary since the announcement of Path of Exile! At that time Path of Exile had been in development for four years. It's been 10 years and we're still continuing to expand Path of Exile to bring fresh new gameplay mechanics to the shores of Wraeclast. Shortly after the anniversary we'll be announcing our third expansion of this year, while continuing work on Path of Exile 2. The past decade has been extremely busy, productive and full of amazing memories. We can't help but feel nostalgic already! Path of Exile has grown immensely over the past 10 years and you, our community have grown alongside it. Whether you joined us several years ago or just recently, we're sure each of you have warm memories related to Path of Exile. We would love to hear them! Read More.
New Skill Effects and Super Stash Sale 2020년 8월 07일
Dazzle your enemies with a Warcry imbued with cosmic powers or smash them with bloody red ice crystals! The new Celestial Warcry and Automaton Ice Crash replace the standard visual effects of Warcry and Ice Crash Skill Gems. Find more about these new cosmetics in this news post or click here to check them out in the store. It is also a Stash Sale weekend, where we're discounting every type of Stash Tab available. Click here to view the full selection. Have a nice weekend everyone! Read More.
Community Showcase 2020년 8월 07일
We're finishing this week by showcasing artistic talents of the community once again. By the way, this weekend is the last for our ongoing Harvest Fan Art competition, so if you haven't submitted your art yet, you have only a few days left to do so. In the meantime, check out the recent pieces of fan art made by our players over the past month. Read More.
The Automaton Lightning Armour Set 2020년 8월 06일
The Automaton Lightning Armour Set introduces a new look for the popular armour set. Designed in red colours, this armour set is sparkling with bright red lightning and looks great with other Automaton cosmetic effects. Watch this video or check out the Automaton Lightning Armour Set in the store. Read More.
Community Organized Event - 8 Day Racing Gauntlet Starts on August 22nd! 2020년 8월 06일
At the end of this month Zizaran as well as other community members and streamers you all know are organizing an 8-day Racing Gauntlet Event. Players will compete and earn points in a Private HCSSF Harvest League by levelling their characters and killing bosses. The winners will share a community-crowdfunded prize pool and microtransaction bundles provided by us. Interested? Find out more information in this news post. Read More.
The Doomcrow Wings 2020년 8월 05일
Have you ever wanted a flock of crows to follow your Exile? We've got you covered! The new Doomcrow Wings consist of a murder of crows that fly behind your character. Check out these wings by watching this video or click here to get yours! Read More.
Harvest Statistics: Crafts, Lifeforce and the Avatar of the Grove 2020년 8월 05일
As a follow-up to the Harvest statistics posted last week, today we'll have a look at the most popular crafting options as well as distribution of lifeforce and Avatar of the Grove encounters. Read More.
The Undead Outcast Helmet 2020년 8월 04일
If you prefer unusual-looking helmets for your Exiles, check out the new Undead Outcast Helmet! Made of white bandages with a bloody cross on a face, this helmet skin will attract attention for sure. Watch the video here or get yours in the store. Read More.
Harvest Fan Art Competition Highlights 2020년 8월 04일
The Harvest Fan Art Competition concludes next Monday (August 10th at 5pm PDT), so you have less than a week left to submit your Harvest-inspired entry in order to have a chance to win cool prizes. The winners will be announced by the end of the next week. In the meantime, have a look at this week's competition highlights! Read More.
The Afterlife Cat Pet 2020년 8월 03일
Great news for all you cat-loving Exiles - there is a new cat pet available in the store! The Afterlife Cat Pet can't wait to join the other furry friends in your hideout. Check it out by watching this video or click here to get yours! Read More.
Our 3.12 Expansion Timeline 2020년 8월 03일
Shortly after the launch of Harvest, we indicated what you should expect from our ongoing development this year. We now have dates scheduled for our next expansion announcement/launch and want to keep you in the loop about what to expect and when. Read More.
Huge Sale on Weapons and Shields - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points 2020년 7월 31일
If you're looking for an impressive pet, the new Stygian Steed is your choice! Check it out in the store. This weekend we're also discounting a huge selection of weapon skins, weapon effects and shields. Have a look at discounted items here. For the duration of this sale, we're offering one free Angels and Demons Mystery Box when you spend points! Find out more in this news post. Read More.
Developer Interview - Jeff - Console Producer 2020년 7월 31일
This week we took a moment to chat with Jeff, our Console Producer, to discuss his work with us. If you're playing on Xbox One or PS4, you may already know him as he's the person behind all the patches and communication on consoles. Check out his interview in this news post! Read More.
3.11.1d Patch Notes Preview 2020년 7월 30일
This week (potentially later today) we're planning to deploy the 3.11.1d update with several bug fixes. To give you an idea what to expect from this patch, we've prepared a preview of its patch notes. Check them out! Read More.
The Infernal Demon King Portal 2020년 7월 29일
If you can't get enough of flaming and demonic-themed cosmetic effects, then don't miss out on the new Infernal Demon King Portal. Made of twisted horns, this portal is burning with a bright orange flame. Check it out by watching this video or get yours here. Read More.
Harvest Statistics: Challenges and Seeds 2020년 7월 29일
Today, we'd like to take a look at some Harvest statistics. We'll start with a breakdown of the challenges and seeds, and will continue with crafts, Avatar of the Grove and more statistics next week! Read More.
Karui Bow and Quiver 2020년 7월 28일
Blessed by ancestors, the Karui Bow and Quiver introduce a new skin for your bow and quiver. Both are decorated with glowing blue effects, which make them a perfect match for icy and water outfits. Watch a video of the new microtransactions or click here to check them out in the store. Read More.
Harvest Fan Art Competition Highlights 2020년 7월 28일
We're continuing to showcase Harvest-themed artwork, submitted by the community to our latest competition. If you're interested in participating - you still have plenty of time to do so as the competition ends on the 10th of August (PDT). In the meantime, check out the highlights we've selected for today. Read More.
The Clockwork Golem Pets 2020년 7월 27일
These tiny golems are sure to take cute mechanical steps right into your heart and perhaps your hideout. There are five versions, representing each golem type - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Stone and Chaos. Check out their videos in this news post or get yours here. Read More.
Path of Exile Then and Now 2020년 7월 27일
This September will mark ten years since we first announced Path of Exile and the start of a decade of sharing news with you. With this milestone coming up, we've been looking back on past posts with a feeling of nostalgia. We found this post and wondered what it would look like if we recreated these screenshots in Path of Exile's current version. Check out the results! Read More.
New Void Emperor Wings and Weekend Sales! 2020년 7월 24일
An emperor's wings should be vibrant and eye-catching and the new Void Emperor Wings certainly live up to expectations. Check out the video or get yours here. This news post also covers what to expect from this weekend's sales! Read More.
Development Stories: Timelines & Retcons 2020년 7월 24일
One of our narrative designers, Matt, has taken a moment to share his insight into some of the challenges we look to overcome when adding new stories to an existing timeline. Read More.
The Infernal Quiver and Wolf Howl Warcry 2020년 7월 23일
If you have the Infernal Bow in your possession, you'll be pleased to know that it is now accompanied by the Infernal Quiver! We've also created the first ever Warcry Effect, the Wolf Howl Effect. This effect means that instead of simply screaming at your enemies with each Warcry, a wolf appears and releases a chilling howl. Check out their videos here and here or get yours here. Read More.
Hideout Showcase 2020년 7월 23일
Our players never cease to amaze us with their creativity in building hideouts. In Harvest, we introduced a bunch of new hideout decorations, including water, snow and grass planes, and we were happy to see that some of you have already created interesting hideouts based on those decorations. For this news post we've selected several hideouts, submitted to our Hideout Showcase forum section since the launch of the Harvest expansion. Check them out by watching this video! Read More.
The Seraph Banner Back Attachment 2020년 7월 22일
For the most regal exiles, the ornate red and gold stylings of the Seraph Banner Back Attachment are a must have. Check out the video or get yours here. Read More.