Announcing Path of Exile: Blight 16시간전
We're proud to announce Path of Exile: Blight! Help Sister Cassia stop the spread of the deadly Blight by building towers to defend against monsters held in its thrall. This expansion contains the Blight challenge league, three revamped archetypes with new skills and support gems, plenty of new items and much, much more. Please check out the announcement page and watch the trailer! Read More.
The Press Tour is Complete - Legion Ascendancy Statistics 1일전
The 3.8.0 press tour has finished and we're ready to show you our next expansion! Don't miss the announcement at 2pm PDT (9am NZ time) tomorrow! As we near the end of the Legion leagues, we thought we'd take one final look at how the base class and Ascendancy class breakdown looks now that players have had ample time to experiment. Read More.
Development Manifesto: Legion as a Core Game Mechanic 2일전
The Legion League concludes in a few weeks, and of course you're all wondering what will happen with the league mechanics after its end. The team has written a Development Manifesto that outlines our plans. Read More.
Super Stash Sale and ExileCon Qualifier Event This Weekend 2019년 8월 16일
The fourth and final ExileCon Qualifier Event starts this Saturday at 2pm (PDT). Registration opens 30 minutes before the event begins and everyone is welcome to participate! If you're unable to join the race but don't want to miss all the action, be sure to tune in to In addition, it's the Stash Sale weekend, where we discounting every type of Stash Tab. Click here to check out the discounts. Read More.
GGG is Hiring Programmers 2019년 8월 15일
The Grinding Gear Games team is still growing and we're looking for new programmers to join our ranks. Specifically we're after C++ Programmers (for gameplay and user interface development). If you or anyone you know might be interested in these positions, please check out the full post for more information. Read More.
Microtransactions Concept Art 2019년 8월 15일
Since the release of the Legion expansion we've introduced many new microtransactions to the store that became pretty popular with the community. Some of you might like not only creating stylish combinations of all kinds with these cosmetic effects, but also getting to know a bit about their development process. We always enjoy sharing artwork of our team, so we've gathered some concept art from recently released microtransactions to show to you today. Read More.
Community Showcase 2019년 8월 14일
It's time for another round of our Community Showcase news series where we're demonstrating the latest pieces of various fan art created by our talented players! Today we're showcasing a couple of hand-made items, some digital art and a tattoo! Check them out in this news post. Read More.
3.8.0 Announcement Timeline 2019년 8월 13일
Tomorrow morning we're starting the 3.8.0 press tour, where we'll show the new league and other upcoming changes to many news outlets in preparation for its announcement next week. While we can't reveal the details of the expansion to our community yet, we are ready to announce that the announcement will go live at 2pm on Tuesday, August 20th PDT! Read More.
Legion Supporter Packs Concept Art 2019년 8월 12일
There are three more weeks left until the end of the current Legion League, however its Supporter Packs on PC will end next week when we reveal the details of our next expansion. If you're still haven't decided whether to purchase one of those, check out the reminder news post we published recently. In the meantime, have a look at the Legion Supporter Packs Concept Art we've prepared for today! Read More.
The Celestial Lightning Trap Effect - The Apocalypse Mystery Box Returns 2019년 8월 09일
We're finishing this week by introducing the Celestial Lightning Trap Effect. This cosmetic microtransaction replaces the standard effect of the Lightning Trap Skill Gem with a cosmic one, which leaves a purple and white trail. In addition, this weekend we're bringing back the Apocalypse Mystery Box to the store! Find out more in this news post. Read More.
An ExileCon Update 2019년 8월 09일
There are just over three months left until ExileCon, the Path of Exile convention we're holding in Auckland, New Zealand. We plan to kick off the convention with a keynote announcing both December's 3.9.0 expansion and the future 4.0.0 mega-expansion. Attendees will be able to play demos of both announced expansions, watch talks given by GGG developers, meet their favourite streamers and invited guests, buy Path of Exile merchandise, and celebrate Path of Exile with over a thousand other community members. Read More.
The Celestial Leap Slam Effect 2019년 8월 08일
We've just released the Celestial Leap Slam Effect. Designed in a cosmic theme, this Skill Gem effect creates an illusion of teleportation, making your character visually disappear while using Leap Slam. Check it out by watching this video or click here to get yours. Read More.
Winners of the Path of Exile Video-Making Competition 2019년 8월 08일
Earlier this week we concluded our Video-Making Competition, where we asked our community to create short videos related to Path of Exile content. We had a lot of fun watching all of your submissions and today we're excited to announce the winners! Read More.
The Vanguard Owl Pet 2019년 8월 07일
There is a new pet in the store, the Vanguard Owl! This owl wears a metallic helmet and has a red and golden glowing effect which makes it not only a great travel companion, but also a stylish addition to many outfits. Watch this video or click here to get yours. Read More.
Legion Statistics: Unique Items and Areas 2019년 8월 07일
We're currently in the ninth week of the Legion League and it's a good time to check it with our statistics. Today we're looking at the most popular unique items and maps, as well as the most deadly areas. Read More.
The Radiant Character Effect 2019년 8월 06일
We've just released the Radiant Character Effect that lets your Exile shine with a bright yellow light. Check it out by watching this video or click here to get yours. Read More.
ExileCon Qualifier - Top Five Prizes and Where To Watch 2019년 8월 06일
Last week we announced the Act 5 Kitava Kill Event, the final ExileCon qualifier race. The winner of this event will compete with tie23he, dsfarblarwaggle and Leaf in the ExileCon race finale in November. We've also arranged an additional microtransaction prize pool for the top five kill times. If you're unable to join the race but don't want to miss all the action, be sure to tune in to on August 17th (PDT)! Read More.
The Sunprism Herald Effect 2019년 8월 05일
We're starting this week by introducing the Sunprism Herald Effect to the store! This cosmetic microtransaction imbues a Herald Skill Gem with a beautiful effect of colourful clouds. Check it out by watching this video or click here to get yours. Read More.
The Legion Supporter Packs Are Ending Soon 2019년 8월 05일
The final month of the Legion League has begun, which means there are only a few weeks left until the announcement of our next expansion. As you know, when the announcement goes live, we will be introducing a new set of league supporter packs and the current Legion ones will leave the store forever. While you still have time to consider purchasing one of the Legion Supporter Packs, we wanted to take a moment to remind you about their contents as well as suggest some stylish combinations you can create with them. Read More.
Glimmerwood Microtransactions on Sale This Weekend and the Vaal Viper Portal 2019년 8월 02일
We've just released the Vaal Viper Portal that replaces your standard portal with a giant snake head! Additionally, we're holding a sale for all cosmetic effects from the Glimmerwood Mystery Box! Click here to view the full selection of discounts. Read More.
New Celestial Skill Effects 2019년 8월 01일
In addition to the Celestial Cyclone Effect which was released yesterday, we've just added new Celestial effects for several Skill Gems, including Blight, Wither, Lacerate and Blood and Sand. Check them out by watching this video or get yours in the store. Read More.
An Update From Bex 2019년 8월 01일
As many of you may have seen, our Community Director, Bex, recently made a big announcement. She will be taking some time off starting relatively soon and so we want to let you know what to expect around upcoming expansion announcements. Read More.
The Celestial Cyclone Effect 2019년 7월 31일
What happens when a popular theme meets a popular skill? The Celestial Cyclone Effect descends from the stars and is now available in the store! Check it out by watching this video or grab yours here! Read More.
Highlights from the Video-making Competition 2019년 7월 31일
The Path of Exile Video-making Competition ends next Monday at 5pm (NZT)! This means you have less than a week left to submit your video. Today we're showcasing highlights for the last time before announcing the winners! Read More.
The Drakeling Pet 2019년 7월 30일
We've just released the Drakeling Pet for those of you who prefer large and flying travel companions for their Exiles. This green elegant creature perfectly matches the Viper Armour Set! Watch this video or click here to get yours. Read More.
What We're Working On 2019년 7월 30일
We're over half way through the Legion league and we're incredibly happy with how much the community have been enjoying it. As you continue to complete your personal league goals, we wanted to give you a heads up about our upcoming timelines. Read More.
The Two-legged Goat Pet 2019년 7월 29일
We've just released the Two-legged Goat Pet! This adorable and surprisingly agile pet will happily join your Exiles in their travels and will become a friendly neighbour to other dwellers in your hideout. Watch this video or click here to get yours. Read More.
The Grinding Gear Games ExileCon Qualifier Event 2019년 7월 29일
We're pleased to announce the fourth and final qualifier event for the ExileCon race finale. On August 17th at 2pm (PDT) we'll be hosting an Act 5 Kitava Kill race event where the first to kill Kitava will receive a VIP ExileCon prize package. This means the winner will be flown to New Zealand, invited to the VIP dinner, have their accommodation and convention tickets paid for as well as participate against the other three finalists in the ExileCon race finale. Find out more in this news post! Read More.
Zizaran's ExileCon Qualifier Event This Weekend! The Sin and Innocence Mystery Box Returns! 2019년 7월 26일
Zizaran's ExileCon qualifier event starts this Saturday (PDT). Registration will be open for everyone, so be sure to join if you'd like to test your skills against other Path of Exile racers in order to win an ExileCon prize package! It's also the Stash Sale weekend, where we discount all the types of Stash Tabs. In addition, there is a new microtransaction in the store, the Sulphite Portal Effect, and we're bringing back the Sin and Innocence Mystery Box for a limited time. Find out more in this news post! Read More.
The Necrotic Shield 2019년 7월 25일
We've just released the Necrotic Shield. Made of bones, this shield is decorated with a big skull and emanates a green flame-like effect. Watch this video or click here to get yours. Read More.
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